The Stats – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


January 27, 2014 by Woz

While I’m feeling vulnerable posting my stats, I think it’s important to have a baseline as I begin this journey. Sure, I could talk in vague generalities but I really want face the music and be honest with myself as I move forward.

I think it’s important to take responsibility for myself because no one else is going to do it for me. And you know what, there’s some real strength in that.

your responsibility

So here it is…the good, the bad, and the ugly of where I currently am. My hope is that this not only motivates me, but that it helps someone else out there who may feel like they are the only one in a situation like mine. Trust me, you aren’t, and we can stroll through this together.

My current body fat percentage is 34.9%. Ideally, an average woman my age is 25-31%, thus putting me in the obese category.


Is that a little hard to swallow? Yes, but I’m facing where I currently stand and it points me in the direction I want to go. This is a journey right? I’ve chosen to focus on BFP instead of pounds (of which I currently have 158) as it will be more accurate as I am *hoping* to gain muscle as I lose the fat.

The next area I need to evaluate is how much I’m writing per day. Unless anyone else has any ideas on how to measure it (and I’m totally up for suggestions!), my first thought was to get to the nitty gritty and go by word count.


I’ve decided that putting a word count on my writing might have the opposite effect on what I’m trying to accomplish (I tend to be a rebel like that), so instead, I’m committing to simply writing everyday. At this point that can be absolutely anything as long as it’s writing. This includes journaling, blogging (this blog included), and freewriting. The point is to just get my fingers and/or pen moving and get into a solid writing habit.

How about you? Where are you in your journey?


6 thoughts on “The Stats – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. jmlibby says:

    I went hard core – minimum daily word count of 600. If i fail to hit it, the following day i deward myself – that’s right, DEward – by taking away something I enjoy. Right now its soda and pretty much anything sugary. It’s part of a year-long writing goal (200k) and I’m holding myself 100% accountable. I do have a “cheat day”. On Sundays if I’m creatively stunted with projects, I’ll included my usual Sunday blog post in the count. Also, there’s a sticky note over the monitor to remind me, along with my writing schedule broken down by the month. Anal Organization over here.

    Good luck with both journeys! 😀

  2. Lianne Scott says:

    I’m thinking about a certain amount of time — not words — of writing (or thinking about writing, or thinking about thinking about writing). But it has to be “butt in chair” time that will count only. As for the exercise thing, it’s so damned difficult here in snow squally Quebec (had to explain a snow squall today to my BFF in Vancouver) where exposed skin freezes in about 10 seconds. Why did we move here :-)? I’m looking into a community centre with a pool and an indoor track. Will keep you posted.

    • Woz says:

      I definitely think putting a time on “butt in chair” is a good thing and am toying around with that myself. If I go that route, I’m going to start small…5 or 10 minutes would be the goal and I could write even more if I’m in the mood. 😀

      • Lianne Scott says:

        Starting small is definitely the way to go. I often have a tendency to start big and then wonder why I can’t keep the commitment. 5 – 10 minutes? Love that. And you’re write (haha — right), if you’re in the flow just keep going.

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